Our achievements


These works, ranging from the simplest to the most imposing and majestic, reach us today after centuries of endurance. Their strength lies in the quality of their design and the precision of their assemblies. Our carpenters possess the rigor, sensitivity, and mastery of the necessary skills for the execution of such structures that combine overall magnitude with finesse in detail.

Église notre Notre Dame de la Merci de Tremel

Steeples, Domes and Campaniles

These structures require knowledge for their construction, which we have acquired through our training and also from the numerous projects we have been involved in. Our teams restore and reproduce each work with respect to its uniqueness and history. Implementations for large-scale projects are sometimes carried out using cranes or helicopter transport. They must be perfectly executed as they become part of our daily landscape, that of today and tomorrow.

Prytanée national militaire

Special works

Our carpenters employ all their expertise to best meet your requests, even the most specific ones. Each project being unique, our adaptability and knowledge enable us to undertake all types of works in any location.


Half-timbered construction

The construction technique of half-timbered structures has spanned centuries. The unique skills of our carpenters allow them to restore heritage structures. From replacement to grafting in restoration, from a simple defective piece to the complete dismantling of a façade, the techniques implemented are precise and tailored to each case.

Atelier Rosa Bonheur

Drawbridges & Footbridges

The drawbridge is often the final structure addressed in the restoration of a castle. Both sturdy and maneuverable, this defensive device engages the expertise of our most seasoned carpenters. To ensure the perfect operation of the lifting mechanism, meticulous precision is applied to the construction of the drawbridge or footbridge, from the scrupulous selection of the wood to its implementation.

Fabrication en atelier

Carved carpentry

Rare and majestic, carved timber frames are a delight for the eyes. Adorned with decorated sills, corbels sculpted in the mass, grotesque or sacred ornamental figures, they freely showcase the talents of carpenters since the Middle Ages. Ateliers Perrault passionately restore these precious witnesses of distant eras.

Sculpture sur voûte

Wainscoted vaults

Throughout the centuries, wood has been widely used in religious buildings, places of reflection, castles, and other residences of varying importance. It provides diverse aesthetics linked to its preparation (split, brushed, hand-planed, …) and finishing (polychrome, whitewashed, painted, …). Works of great diversity and richness have thus reached us. Their restoration requires both technical expertise and sensitivity.

Église de Landelle et Coupigny