Perrault Academy

To go further in the transmission
and enhancement of our exceptional expertise.

To transmit

Our skills of excellence

To raise awareness

The stakeholders in our professions with social and environmental challenges.

To promote

Our craft professions

The Perrault Academy is established to work towards the transmission and promotion of our craft professions. Our goal is for the talents of tomorrow to emerge in the service of showcasing skills of excellence, both in France and abroad.

To transmit
our skills of excellence

What already exists

– Around twenty apprentices and fifty interns each year.

– Mentorship for each apprentice provided by a tutor trained for this role.

Our projects

– Occasional training sessions for our craftsmen on specific skills of excellence.

– An annual project completion by the apprentice promotion.

– Immersion days for individuals considering a career change.

– Improve access to internships for younger individuals.

– Create short tutorial videos on our professions.

– Organize an excellence competition as well as an innovation competition each year.

To promote
our craft professions

What already exists

– Occasional visits to our workshops.

– Open house days on the occasion of exceptional projects.

Our projects

– A series of conferences throughout the year conducted by experts for heritage professionals.

-Access to archives and our libraries for our partners.

– Enhance and increase the number of visits to our workshops.

– Exhibitions showcasing our projects, models, tools, etc.

To raise awareness the stakeholders in our professions with social and environmental

What already exists

– Initiate initiatives with environmental impact.

– One major awareness project on social or environmental issues per year.

– Implement an integration program for individuals distant from employment.

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