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260 years of experience

Who we are ?

In 1760, the Perrault family settled in Saint Laurent de la Plaine, near Angers, and developed their woodworking business there. 

This passion was passed on from generation to generation, later including ironworking, complementary to woodworking in a great number of projects. Eight generations later, this family company has brought together more than 160 skilled people in the trade of woodwork, cabinetmaking, roof and building structure, ironworks and artistic locksmith work. 

All have developed the same passion for their trade and a common respect for tradition. They restore or reproduce identical copies of ancient pieces, which sometimes date back as far as the 12th century…

Photo des locaux Ateliers Perrault
Photo des Ateliers Perrault

Passionate craftmen since 1760

Deeply rooted in the Anjou region since 1760, Ateliers Perrault have been innovating, creating, preserving and passing on their knowledge.

Ateliers Perrault have been working their way up, using time-honoured skills while experiencing successful improvements, to preserve their dedication and craftsmanship, as well as their desire for self-improvement but without ignoring the Compagnon craftsmen as men.

Ateliers Perrault, labeled “Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant” – a Living Heritage Company – were proud to celebrate, in 2010, 250 years of family tradition based on their passion for this trade and respect for high quality craftsmanship.

Photo archive Ateliers Perrault
Photo archive Ateliers Perrault
Photo archive Ateliers Perrault