Our company

260 years of History and Heritage

Maintain, Transform, Create, Enhance...

the built heritage, in France and throughout the world, by relying on the excellence of our craftsmen, the mastery of our know-how, the heritage of the past, while being turned towards the future, in order to always carry out innovative and exceptional works: in each building, for each customer, every time.

Ateliers Perrault are in charge of restoring heritage buildings, reproducing works of art, and making traditional creations in carpentry, cabinet-making, wood framing, ironworks and artistic locksmith work.

Our support

From making a unique custommade piece to the most complex and prestigious operations, we advise our clients all along their project. We can deal with sites all over the world and we are used to dealing with unusual situations owing to a perfect knowledge of the process as a whole, from design to on-site installation : tailor-made studies, innovative creations, technical adaptation, logistical approach, selection of materials…

This cross-disciplinary know-how allows us to take part in various adventures: restitution of the End of the World Lighthouse at the tip of Tierra del Fuego in Argentina, construction of an observation platform for a study station located at Dome Charlie in Antarctica, construction of a footbridge at the Château d’Angers for the 600th anniversary of King René…

Our field of activity

Distinctions & Labels

For many years now, we have been rewarded for our expertise and commitments. Certifications and awards come as an evidence of our concrete actions in terms of innovation, quality standards, sustainable development and training.

Each year, we can be proud of our apprentices competing for the “Meilleur Ouvrier de France” contest (award for the best France craftsmanship).

Image des certifications et labels des Ateliers Perrault

Our values

Our work is done with a profound respect for tradition and for focused and accurate techniques. Passionate about their work, our Compagnon craftsmen have all graduated from famous and highly recognized schools. They inherited an ancestral experience that enables them to master our four skills : woodworking, cabinet-making, carpentry and iron work Transmitting our original knowhow is essential for Ateliers Perrault and lays in our staff ’s loyalty. Over generations, elders have been training youngsters, repeating our endless vocational training tradition.

Ateliers Perrault, however, do not overlook continuing education. Modern life and its progress are an important part of our staff’s qualifications. Thus, beautiful craftwork, in compliance with tradition, is combined with the accuracy of modern technology.