Fulfilling the requirements of an ever more demanding world

The ATELIERS PERRAULT environment supports both confidence in our capacities and determination to uphold rhe company tradition now and for future generations. Our unique structure combines all the advantages of industrialized production methods with the flexibility of craft fabrication. We are one of Europe’s few large scale craft joinery, carpentry and wrought ironwork operations.





Environment - A Voluntary Process

Aware of the impact of our activities on the environment for several years, ATELIERS PERRAULT have a solid environmental strategy. We are PEFC certified and our procedure is validated by the FCBA, an independent certification organisation. We use only wood from sustainably managed forests.


Passing on our traditions

Maintaining the skill level of our workforce is one of our priorities. ATELIERS PERRAULT encourage training by apprenticeship and evolution through internal promotion. Many of our senior technicians have graduated from our workshops. This strengthens management – production relations and facilitates the transmission of information. The dynamism of our team is implicitly bound to the inspiration derived from our work.