AP business model

Understanding, Expertise, Trusting relationships, Flexibility, Rigour

ATELIERS PERRAULT are the unique product of more than 250 years of experience and tradition. The results of this slow maturing process are reflected in ATELIERS PERRAULT’s management and ownership, its growth and investment, its dynamism and innovation and its business model.

Founded 260 years ago, we are now in our eighth generation of management by the Perrault family, the sole shareholders, making ATELIERS PERRAULT a truly independent business, streamlining strategic decision-making and contributing to ATELIERS PERRAULT’ creativity and flexibility.

Modern living requirements set uncompromising standards.

Modern architecture is evermore sensitive toward the preservation of our heritage.


The AP business model embraces 5 principles essential in providing solutions capable of uniting these two fundamental needs :


We consider that taking the time to listen to clients requests and to explain the possibilities at the outset of any project is essential in establishing a clear understanding with our clients.


Maintaining the skill level of our workforce is one of our priorities. ATELIERS PERRAULT encourage training by apprenticeship and evolution through internal promotion. Many of our senior technicians have graduated from our workshops. This strengthens management – production relations and facilitates the transmission of information. The dynamism of our team is implicitly bound to the inspiration derived from our work.

Trusting relationships

The skills and materials required to satisfy the demand of an ever evolving industry are as vast as they are diverse. Many years of practice have enabled ATELIERS PERRAULT to develop a considerable network of partners providing an array of services.


Despite our scale ATELIERS PERRAULT remain artisans at heart. This approach gives us the capacity to treat each request independently and to propose the most satisfactory solution. Of course modern manufacture takes advantage of the latest machinery but where technology is applied no concession to quality is allowed.


ATELIERS PERRAULT products are tested in house during development and by official laboratorise for validation. Regular control testing and disciplined workshop procedure assure the quality expected by our clientele.