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260 years of experience


ATELIERS PERRAULT have more than 260 years’ experience providing and producing fine woodworks. During this time we have acquired a reputation for quality which has earned us the respect of clients, architects and fellow manufacturers. This quality is characterized by our choice of raw materials, our uncompromised fabrication methods and the skill level of our craftsmen.  These principles apply to all ATELIERS PERRAULT products guaranteeing your total satisfaction and pleasure for now and for years to come.

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Our History

12 key dates of our history

1760 : The Perrault Family move to Saint Laurent and develop a carpentry workshop. The company is passed down from father to son.

1807 : The company of « artisans » is known as « the boutique ».

1946 : Three brothers, Joseph, Victor and Maurice Perrault create a limited woodworking company: Joseph takes on the role of director. The company develops considerably largely due to reconstruction work following the war.

1966 : ATELIERS PERRAULT recruit their first blacksmith.

1972 : Creation of a joint stock company with a capital of 420 000 F following a decision by the General assembly.

1975 : Jean Perrault becomes CEO, sharing the administrative functions with Joseph and Noël. The enterprise becomes Ateliers Perrault. With the reconstruction of the church of Les-ponts-de-Cé the company begins to specialise in Heritage restoration.

1990 : Construction of a new forge workshop. A new branch specialising in Heritage restoration opens in Martinique.

2000 : New capital of 800 000 € shared by the 3 branches of the family. François Perrault becomes PDG. He belongs to the eighth generation of the family since the company was established.

2003 : A commercial outlet opens in New York: Ateliers Perrault Inc.

2005 : Introduction of waste sorting and environmental objectives.

2009: Certification PEFC

2010: Ateliers PERRAULT celebrate their 250th anniversary.

2011 : Renewal of « Menuiserie 21 » certification & realisation of a company « Carbon footprint».

2012 : A new activity of resine structure re-enforcement & wood treatment is created. CE certification for wooden structures.

2013 : NFRC Certification (National Fenestration Rating Council).

2014 : ATELIERS PERRAULT receive the Grand Prize «des Chênes du Grand Ouest », Trophy for family enterprise. BFRC Certification (British Fenestration Rating Council)

2014 : ATELIERS PERRAULT receive the prize « image enterprise ».


Our team composed of master joiners, experienced projects managers and technicians guides you through all steps of your projects. From conception to installation, our unequalled acquired know how passes from generations to generations and development innovation resources will provide you a valuable asset in achieving high-quality results.



Woodwork production and finishing takes place in our 4 specialized workshops housing over 100 skilled craftsmen and women using both traditional and modern woodworking machinery. All workshops are fitted with hygrometry control and dust extraction providing a stable and clean environment in order to preserve both our workforce and our products.



The skills and materials required to satisfy the demand of an ever evolving industry are as vast as they are diverse. Many years of practice have enabled ATELIERS PERRAULT to develop a considerable network of partners providing an array of services.